The Duane Miller Memorial Golf Tournament

The Duane Miller Memorial Golf Tournament

Host organization Good Shepherd Episcopal Church of Hayesville, NC invites the area community to participate in the Duane Miller Memorial Golf Tournament to be held at Hayesville's The Ridges Country Club on September 30.  Activities begin at 11:00 a.m. with a golfer’s lunch and continue into the evening with a reception at 5:00 p.m. and dinner open to the community at 6:30 p.m.

GS Hosts Talk on African-American Legacy

Jason Lee Edwards comes by his interest in the African-American families of our area for good reason: his ancestors once owned a slave. The award-winning historian will present a talk on Finding the Forgotten: The African-American Families of Towns and Clay Counties at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Hayesville on Saturday, June 10, from 10:00 until 12:00. Everyone is invited.
Edwards will share his findings about the African-American families of the Hiawassee and Brasstown Valleys during the period from the 1790s to the 1910s. He has gathered information about enslaved persons, free persons of color, and the families who moved into this area post-emancipation.
Edwards, who has been researching local and family history for almost 20 years, says, “I discovered that my Russell ancestors of Towns County had purchased a slave named Jack, and I wanted to know more about him and what became of him. This led me to discover that following emancipation, Jack moved to Clay County, where he lived for a number of years.” Both Clay and Towns Counties once had thriving African-American communities. “I made it my mission,” he claims, “to find out as much as I could about the early families and to share that information with others so that these African-Americans would no longer be forgotten.”
Although Edwards' family roots run deep in the Hiawassee and Brasstown Valleys, his greatgrandparents, like many others, had to leave the area to find work, so he grew up west of Atlanta. But when he visited relatives in the mountains, he always felt that he was “at home.” In 2015 he moved to the area to attend Young Harris College, where he majored in history. He was the 2017 recipient of the Joseph Wilson Boone award for the most outstanding history major at the college, and when he graduated on May 6 of this year, he was awarded a medal for the highest GPA in the graduating class, a 4.0.
He has also served as president of the Paulding County Georgia Historical Society. After moving to Young Harris, he was appointed Deputy Historian of Town County in 2016. At Edwards' talk at Good Shepherd, refreshments will be served, and after the talk, the audience will visit the Fort Hembree cemetery in Hayesville, where some African-Americans are buried.
Good Shepherd is located at 495 Herbert Hills Drive on Hwy. 64E, about a mile east of Walgreen's. The website describes the church's many other programs: 

Good Shepherd will bless Bikers

Summer is almost here, and this means that many motorcyclists will be sharing our wonderful curving roads again. Now bikers can ask for a special blessing for themselves, their passengers, fellow riders, and their bikes at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Hayesville on Sunday June 4.

The rector of Good Shepherd, Father Bill Breedlove, invites all bikers to bring their cycles to church on that Sunday. After the 10:45 service, Fr. Bill will bless them in the church parking lot.

Susanne Treacy, who plans the annual event, says, “Everyone in the local communities is invited to come, no matter what your religious affiliation or what kind of bike you drive.” All are welcome to participate in the service at 10:45. The blessing will be given right after the service, about noon, followed by coffee hour and fellowship with the parishioners.

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, whose rector and members are intent on boldly engaging the world as God's shepherds, is located at 495 Herbert Hills Drive, about a mile east of Walgreens. The church website describes the many programs and ministries of the church:

Good Shepherd Gets a Big Lift

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church Hayesville is installing an elevator to provide increased accessibility to parishioners and visitors. Thanks to the generosity of the parishioners of Good Shepherd, a grant of $20,000 from the Episcopal Foundation of Western North Carolina, and other gifts, parishioners and people of all physical abilities visiting the church will be able to attend events and education classes held in the lower level.

The new elevator will be installed by local contractors and is expected to be functioning by late spring. It is located in the addition to the church that was completed in 2011. The new space has provided a library, a large meeting area with a kitchen, and two offices on the lower level. Good Shepherd frequently shares its meeting rooms with community groups.
The rector, the Reverend Dr. Bill Breedlove, affirms that “Good Shepherd is committed to service and education to others and wants all of its programs available to not only our parishioners but other people in the community. Good Shepherd strives to share God's blessings with everyone.”

The church is located at 495 Herbert Hills Drive, just off Hwy. 64E. The church's website, which describes the many programs and ministries, is The phone number is 828-389-3397. All are invited to come and see what Good Shepherd has to offer.

Harry Potter and Spirituality

For parents who would like to turn their children's love of the Harry Potter stories to a more spiritual level, a class being offered at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church during Lent may be just the answer. For older readers of the beloved series, the class will open up different levels of meaning than they might have considered. Father George Choyce, assisting clergy, welcomes people of all ages and all faiths to his class, “The Spirituality of Harry Potter—Choosing to Keep on Believing,” beginning March 8.

Father George says that author J. K. Rowling “has stated in numerous interviews that she continues to make an intentional decision to believe in Jesus on a daily basis.” She makes this decision clear through the much loved character of Harry Potter. What Father George will do during his series of five classes is to look for the spiritual symbolism of death and resurrection, concentrating on the last book of Rowling's series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” To participants in the class, he will pose the question, “What is it that you believe about death and resurrection?”

Each of the five classes is preceded by a free supper in the parish hall, beginning at 5:30 pm. The communal supper will provide an opportunity for visitors to get to know Good Shepherd's parishioners. Nursery care will be provided so that parents of young children can participate. The schedule of classes follows:

• March 8: The Classic Struggle of Good Versus Evil
• March 15: Harry, Horcruxes, and Deathly Hallows
• March 22: Harry and Dumbledore
• March 29: Harry, Hermione, and Ron
• April 5: What do you believe?

Good Shepherd is located at 495 Herbert Hills Drive, just off Hwy. 64E about a mile from Walgreens. The phone number at the church is 828-389-3397, and the website is